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I would like to write about some of Woody Allen’s earlier works and his use of genre, auteurism and realism. In particular, I want to utilize Annie Hall, his most universally admired work, Zelig, his commentary on the human condition, and The Purple Rose of Cairo, in my opinion, his most creative project.

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  1. Amy Herzog Said,

    April 20, 2010 @ 11:36 pm

    Hi Jacob,
    I’d love to sit down and talk about how your thesis is shaping up. I love Allen, and these are some very rich films to analyze. In terms of developing a cohesive argument, though, I’d see some more immediate connections between Zelig and Purple Rose in terms of these questions of “reality.” If you were open to making this a component of your thesis, and framed your paper around these two films, I think you could open up your project to consider not just auteur theory but the discussions of realism, as well as drawing on some outside research on fantasy and/or documentaries.

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