The Death of Cinema?

Anne Friedberg writes about most of the advancements in the technology of cinema since its inception.  She talks about how movies, television and computers are all viable ways to find entertainment, but are “losing their medium-based specificity.”  This brings to mind the many similarities between the cinematography of video games to movies.  Like how Grand Theft Auto is shot just like a film or sports videogames, especially the more recent ones, mimic live games on television.  

She mentions the three things that she believes most transformed the televisual experience.  These are the VCR, cable and the remote control.  This article is a little dated but I’m under the impression that had the DVR been around then, it would have been included.  In my opinion, no other technological advancement has influenced our experience more than the DVR, for allowing us to take advantage of all that television has to offer without the inconveniences of time schedules and commercials.

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  1. dcooper101 Said,

    May 19, 2010 @ 10:36 am

    i think that all of these new technologies would help our viewing not take away from it. for instance, if i need to get up for something i can pause the film, that way i don’t miss anything. or if i miss something, then i can go back and watch it again. or if there is something that i really enjoyed seeing, i can re watch a certain scene. I think she had it all wrong. these technologies are awesome.

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